Download Astro Taxi

Astro Taxi introduces the most innovative taxi application to the market. It is FREE to download and very easy to use. Your next taxi is literally as little as 2 clicks away. Astro Taxi is designed to serve clients from the city of Vaughan and it’s surroundings.


Fast and Easy

With our app, you can type in your desired address or simply update your address by navigating directly on the map.

Have it your way

Paying by credit card? Traveling with a dog? Looking for wheelchair support? No problem at all! Specify your preferences and let our application send you a driver that best suits your needs.

Live Tracking

Track your taxi’s arrival once booking is confirmed.

Get notified

You don’t need to wait outside for your taxi. Once your taxi arrives you will receive an alert notifying you to meet your driver.


Instead of spending time explaining your address to a representative, simply use the Astro Taxi app to book your next taxi error free.